Former Sheriff McCabe testifies that he accepted a $ 6,000 cash loan from the contractor


NORFOLK, Virginia – Former Sheriff Bob McCabe said he accepted a $ 6,000 cash loan from one of the prison contractors while at the stand during cross-examination in his trial federal corruption charge Thursday.

McCabe said he accepted the money in 2011 while on a trip to Pennsylvania. He says to this day that he still hasn’t repaid Jerry Boyle for the loan, but considered it a personal loan between friends.

Boyle is the former head of Correct Care Solutions, the prison’s medical service provider. Boyle was indicted and faces his own trial later this year.

McCabe admitted that he never disclosed the loan on any campaign fundraising documents and said he made a series of errors on those forms over the years.

“I just didn’t pay attention to it and I feel bad about it,” he said.

During cross-examination, prosecutors attempted to show that there was a tendency for a contract to be made in the prison, a company to get the contract, and then McCabe to ask for campaign contributions or receive gifts.

McCabe said he accepted gifts from contractors because they were his friends and said he was not acting in his official role as sheriff.

“I never tied a gift to a contract,” he said.

McCabe also said he received around $ 3,000 from Boyle to use for playing in Arizona, which he also considered a personal loan.

The US lawyer went through McCabe’s finances line by line and showed a case where he had deposited $ 2,500 from his campaign account to his personal account. McCabe then made a series of cash withdrawals on a gambling trip.

“It doesn’t look good,” he replied when asked about it.

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He also said he had a sheriff’s deputy drive him in a limo and do personal errands for him, including picking up his son from school.

“I cannot defend these things,” he said.

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